Bitcoin evolution: TRON launches Mainnet, futures planned

The TRON project celebrated Independence Day on 25 June with the launch of the Mainnet. Besides the efforts to push Ethereum from the throne, the project around Justin Sun has other big goals. Thus a secret project is to be started in July. From September there will also be futures contracts for TRON with the TRX futures.

The TRON project around initiator Justin Sun is known among other things for wanting to push Ethereum from the throne. In order to become independent from Ethereum.

Sun announced the launch of the Mainnet – a Bitcoin evolution platform of its own that will provide the future basis for dApps

The Independence Day was proclaimed on June 25th – the test phase of the Mainnet is now apparently finished. The Mainnet went online in the night of May 31st – but the goal was for Bitcoin evolution developers to test the platform for bugs in a catchy way.

With the launch of the Mainnet, the “real” TRX tokens will now be released. The existing ERC-20 tokens are now gradually being converted into TRX tokens. The TRON team promises its users great advantages over the Bitcoin evolution platform. TRON will be used to enable free transactions. In addition, the transactions should be up to ten times faster than with Ethereum. The token swap has not yet been completed. The next milestone Justin Sun announced on Twitter was the launch of a secret project:

“The next important milestone is July 30th – we will launch our official virtual machine. All decentralized exchanges and applications on the TRON platform will be integrated into the TRON ecosystem. On July 30th we will launch one of our secret projects”.

The other goals of TRON are also ambitious: In addition to their own Bitcoin evolution crypto currency, they want to develop their own Web 2.0 platform and a new social network. This will enable users to monetize their content and also to launch their own ICOs.

TRON futures in planning the Bitcoin evolution

In addition, from September 28, 2018, there will be an option to bet on the development of the TRX rate. The BitMEX platform announced the launch of the financial products with the forward contracts in this Bitcoin evolution review:

“Due to the high demand we will offer the BitMEX TRON futures TRXU18 […] from September 28, 2018”.

ETH price still more stable than TRX price
The TRX price is currently at 0.034 euros. Thus it lost almost 1 percent in the last 24 hours. In the weekly course it looks somewhat darker with TRON – with a minus of 20 per cent the price lost also here in value. In the monthly process it is even 40 per cent, which the TRX course must lose.

The competition stands with the course of prices in the comparison still clearly better there. At EUR 385.58, the Ether share price also had to cope with a loss of just over 1 percent. In the weekly course, however, the token of the Ethereum platform is already better: Here Ether records a decline of 17.6 percent. In monthly terms, however, the crypto currency “only” has to cope with a loss of just under 21 percent. (as at 26.06.2018, 15:00 hrs).