Bitcoin evolution: TRON launches Mainnet, futures planned

The TRON project celebrated Independence Day on 25 June with the launch of the Mainnet. Besides the efforts to push Ethereum from the throne, the project around Justin Sun has other big goals. Thus a secret project is to be started in July. From September there will also be futures contracts for TRON with the […]

MoneroV – a Bitcoin evolution in Fork Mania

A new coin called MoneroV will see the light of day through a Monero Hard Fork. MoneroV will use a coin cap, wants to solve Monero’s scaling problems and publish a light wallet as soon as possible. However, various warning signals around this project discourage participation. Isn’t Bitcoin evolution something nice? In the case of […]

DoS crossfire: The beginning of a new wave of cybercrime?

There is a pattern running through last week’s attacks. In the world of crypto currencies it was the attacks on Ethereum and Ethereum-Classic that ended up in a hard fork for both. Last weekend Twitter, Paypal, Netflix and Spotify saw themselves out of order. The reason: DoS attacks DoS (Denial of Service) or DDoS (Distributed […]